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Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Vacuum


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Dyson V15 ™ Detect Absolute The smartest vacuum cleaner with the highest suction power.2more

Brand: Dyson

Measurements (WxDxH) in cm: 25.2 x 25.2 x 126.4

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Product Description

Dyson V15 ™ Detect Absolute The smartest vacuum cleaner with the highest suction power.2 230AW Dyson reveals the invisible dust. A piezo sensor at the inlet continuously measures and counts dust particles. Suction power without loss of power, up to 60 minutes.6 A special beam of green light makes visible dust on the hard floor invisible to the naked eye.1 The piezo sensor continuously monitors and classifies dust particles by size - and automatically increases the suction power if necessary. The LCD screen provides real-time information about the content being absorbed.3

Advantages of the device

The beam of light shows particles that are not normally visible

A beam of light set at the exact angle makes visible dust that is invisible to the naked eye on the hard floor - so nothing is left out of the cleaning. 1

Measures microscopic dust particles

The piezo sensor continuously monitors the size of the dust particles - and automatically increases the suction power if necessary. 3

Scientific evidence of deep cleansing

The LCD display shows what the vacuum cleaner has absorbed, providing real-time scientific evidence of the effectiveness of deep cleaning. 3

Key technologies

Dyson Hyperdymium ™ motor

The powerful and lightweight digital engine runs at 125,000 rpm to absorb both microscopic dust and larger pieces.

Root Cyclone ™ technology

The rolled-up cyclone 14 can generate a force of up to 100,000 g, removing dust from the air stream - so there is no loss of suction power. 4

High energy density battery

Each snap-in battery provides up to 60 minutes of continuous, suction-free cleaning, here, there, and in every part of your home. 5

Multi-level filtering

Dyson's fully enclosed filter system captures 99.97% of microscopic particles and allergens up to 0.3 microns in size - and emits cleaner air. 6

Carbon fiber bristles

Black anti-static carbon fiber bristles remove fine dust from the hard floor.


Digital Motorbar fej cleaning head with anti-tangle technology

Strongly absorbs dust and hair from the floor. The anti-clumping, de-tangling teeth automatically clean the roller brush of the hair.

Automatically deep cleans carpets

In Auto mode, the Dyson DLS ™ technology in the Digital Motorbar ™ cleaning head monitors the resistance of the roller brushes 360 times per second, intelligently adjusting the suction power between different floor types. 7

Powerful cleaning, everywhere

The versatility of Dyson wireless technology makes cleaning easier throughout the home.

The new Hair screw motorized head. It absorbs long hairs and pet hair.

A funnel-shaped roller brush that rolls the hair into the powder container prevents the hairs from being twisted. Motorized cleaning for smaller areas.

Illuminated cleaning head

The 25 cm wide cleaning head with soft woven nylon and antistatic carbon fibers removes fine dust from hard floors and tight spaces. Thanks to its low design, the area under the furniture can also be thoroughly cleaned.

Three different modes

Auto mode adapts intelligently and optimizes suction power and uptime. Eco mode provides longer operating times for larger cleanings, while Boost mode is designed for fast and intensive cleaning operations.

LCD monitor

Generates real-time performance reports, including seconds-based uptime display - maintenance alerts, modes and battery life.

Easy maintenance

The filter and Fluffy ™ roller brush are washable, and the dust container and tools can be wiped off to remove dust that has accumulated during vacuuming, and the Dyson vacuum cleaner will be more balanced.

Snap-on battery

Remove and replace at the touch of a button to extend service life (spare battery sold separately). 8

In the box

Dyson V15 ™ Detect Absolute

Digital Motorbar ™ cleaning head

Illuminated cleaning head

Hair screw motorized cleaning head

Combi suction cup

Suction head

Low Reach adapter

Docking station

Snap-on head storage

AC Charger


Cyclone technology

14 cyclones

Suction Power

240 AW

Tank capacity

0,77 l


Full system filtering

Operating time

Up to 60 minutes


1260 mm


261 mm


250 mm

Upload time

4,5 h


660 W


3,1 kg

2 Suction power tested according to EN IEC62885-4 CL5.8 and CL5.9 for flexible opening with full dust container in Boost mode in the market for cordless vacuum cleaners.
3 The size and amount of dust displayed on the screen depends on the usage. Automatic suction optimization is only available in auto mode.
4 The size and amount of dust displayed on the screen depends on the usage. The examples shown may occur within one or more of the displayed size ranges.
5 Intelligent Auto Detect (in Auto mode).
6 Use Eco mode for hard floors.
7 Dynamic Load Sensor technology is only available in Auto mode with the High Torque cleaning head connected.
8 The optional battery and charger are standard on some models, but can be purchased separately.
9Screening tested to ASTM F3150 in Boost mode by an independent third party at SGS-IBR USA in 2020.