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Buy Now Pay Later


1. Scheme is applicable for purchases of €400 and over. This could be one item or combined orders from different departments.
2. Purchases from €400 to €1,500 will be eligible for FLEXI24 (24 monthly installments). First payment on order and 23 payments starting one month after the delivery / collection date.
3. FLEXI36 is applicable for purchases over €1,500 (36 monthly payments). First payment on order and 35 payments starting one month after the delivery / collection date.
4. A deposit is only required if items purchased have to be ordered specifically i.e. not normal stock items. In most cases, when purchasing items that are in stock / normally available from stock, no deposit is required.
5. Prices shown on the website are ‘cash prices’. FLEXIPAY purchases are based on the normal RRP.
6. You can use the below FlexiPay calculator.


To apply for this scheme you need to present:

1. Maltese ID card (we need a photocopy from back & front)
2. Payslip with at least 3 months’ history. In the case of Self-employed individuals, a copy of the previous year’s income tax return is required.
3. Debit or Credit card issued by a local bank (excluding Cashlink).

If the applicant is married, both spouses have to sign the application and subsequent contract

Please note that residence permits are only accepted if accompanied by a copy of a deed showing ownership of property in the Maltese Islands. Lease agreements are not accepted.

You will be asked to fill in and sign off forms (which will be presented at quotation stage), inputting your details, stating that you have no pending issues with overdue amounts owed to other entities and giving us consent to verify you have a clean credit history with MACM (Malta Association of Credit Management) and consent to withdraw the monthly payment from your credit / debit card for the duration of the contract.


FLEXI 24 example on items normally available from stock: If the cash price of the items being purchased adds up to €400, a €18.33 payment is due on order and balance will be paid by 23 monthly payments of €18.33 (first payment due one month after delivery / collection).

Bills of exchange need to be signed off for all Flexi 36 contracts and/or exceeding the value of €2,500.

For any queries related to this scheme please email us on: [email protected]