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Coincasa is the Coin brand dedicated to home decoration that interprets the Italian taste of living and living with creativity and passion.

Since 1962, its collections have stood out for their attention to detail, for the constant renewal of textures and designs, and for the quality of the materials used. The contemporary research and the original mix & fusion that characterize the Coincasa style allow you to dress every environment with personality and a touch of exclusivity.

The brand has over 100 stand-alone stores in Italy and abroad and is present in 36 Coin stores located in the most important historic centers and in the main shopping streets throughout the country.


For 60 years Coincasa has been creating and selecting researchable home decor collections, interpreting styles and novelties from around the world with Italian taste.

Coincasa is the cultured and refined home stylist who, with experience and attention to detail, combines the quality of materials and artisanal know-how in an original and contemporary mix & fusion.