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The taste of fun
The hissing sound of the grill, the typical smoky aromas, conviviality among friends and family, that's what barbecue stands for. A total concept that is applauded by many bon vivants. Young or old, man or woman, adventurer or homebody... Barbecue is for everyone! Barbecook can also only embrace this vision. With an extensive range of barbecues and an even wider range of BBQ accessories, this thoroughly Belgian brand is only too happy to bring everyone together around the fire! Thanks to an enormous passion and drive for constant innovation, Barbecook strives to meet everyone's grilling wishes.

Did you know that Barbecook is more than just a barbecue brand? It's your partner in creating good times. From the first sketch to the final details, Barbecook creates products that help you celebrate every moment in life. Whether it's winter or summer, in the city or on the countryside, with a bunch of friends, with family or as a couple, Barbecook is the Belgian barbecue brand that brings people together.

Thanks to our passion for fire and grilling, we are convinced that we can offer you the best Barbecook experience ever. The first Barbecook barbecue was brought to the market in 1985. Since then, Barbecook has had just one mission; to invest in innovation and make barbecuing more enjoyable, convenient and easier. We try to find aesthetic and user friendly solutions, with different answers for every opportunity and different life stage.

Our extensive range of barbecues consists of charcoal, gas, electrical and on-the-go barbecues, but also plancha's, smokers, fire pits and a wide range of barbecue accessories.

Barbecook pays tribute to the beautiful things in life, to being together, to long & convivial dining and, above all, to the enormous diversity of irresistible barbecue preparations.

Barbecook, the taste of fun!

Everyone is familiar with a traditional charcoal barbecue, but did you know that there also exists a wood BBQ? With a wood barbecue you use wood as fuel. Barbecook offers two variants of this type of appliance: the Junko wood BBQ and the Rila wood BBQ, two unique models with plenty of possibilities.


Choosing a gas BBQ is choosing convenience. One turn on the button and you can get started within 10 minutes! A gas grill is the perfect appliance for those who like to prepare really everything on their barbecue: from a stew to burgers or even bread. The possibilities are endless. With a gas BBQ you will undoubtfully experience a fantastic outdoor cooking experience!


For a successful barbecue you do not only need a barbecue of high quality, you also need solid barbecue accessories! The range of barbecue accessories is very broad: from basic accessories to barbecue accessories to experiment with and to take your grill skills to the next level. Barbecook has a wide range of barbecue accessories: everything to light your barbecue, to make grilling easier, to add extra flavour and finally to clean and maintain your barbecue.


Try to make a habit of pulling a cover over your barbecue after every use, both winter and summer. Make sure your barbecue has definitely cooled down. To prevent rust and wear and tear, it is advisable to take off your cover after a rainstorm and let it dry in the sun. In winter, it is best to place your barbecue with cover in a dry place, such as in your garage or garden shed.